The story behind KoolGrips began when my dad and mom had just moved my grandmother from Eugene, Oregon to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona in the early ’90s. I noticed that my grandma was wrapping the pool rail with her towel and using it as an armrest. I asked why she didn’t get into the pool and cool off. She replied, ‘I can’t get out. The handrail is too hot to touch, let alone hold onto it.” She then said, “Kid, you can come up with something,” so I cut the arm from my old wet suit and a zipper from an old jacket, and headed to a boot shop. And that was the birth of KoolGrips!

Our Business Philosophy

What separates KoolGrips comfort covers from our competitors is the improved construction of our product, utilizing the highest quality materials. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product and receive the service they deserve. Furthermore, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is what keeps our customers returning not only for buying purposes, but for the quality assistance and service they receive every time!

We at KoolGrips LLC strive to provide the home and hospitality industry with our product that add comfort and protection to your pool and spa handrails and ladders.

Providing comfort with a nonslip grip
Every customer, every time!

We at KoolGrips LLC have been manufacturing our pool and spa handrail comfort covers for 20 years with more than 300,000 pool and spa installations. Year round our customers enjoy the comfort and firmer hold than that of an uncovered rail, combined with the protection from the burn of the summer heat or when handrails are too cold to hold during the winter. Our KoolGrips comfort covers are also a great alternative to replacing expensive pool and spa handrails and ladders due to stains, scratches, and dents as well as complimenting any yard and patio decorative motif.

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