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Pool and Spa Handrail Comfort Covers

Koolgrip® Swimming Pool & Spa Handrail Comfort Covers are designed to provide protection and comfort from hot swimming pool rails and spa ladders. They work just as well in cooler climates adding protection and comfort for cold climate installation on handrails & ladders.

Koolgrip® Comfort Covers® with SureGrip® are great for people that have a need for a softer feel and firmer hold while entering and exiting using the pool & spas handrails and ladders.

Koolgrip Pool & Spa Rail Cover material is engineered using a heavy duty polyester and spandex based woven fabric. We then blend it with UPF/UV inhibitors and an Anti-Microbial treatment. Our “Comfort Cover SureGrip™” elongation top coat acts like small suction cups helping you hold on for a firmer grip. The KoolGrips inner sleeve is the best quality of CR neoprene.  This creates a solid smooth skin allowing for a tight and secure non slip handrail fit.  For installation Koolgrips are equipped with a large EZ – Pull heavy duty nylon zippers  These are used to zip the cover together from the bottom to the top of the rail making installation easy and secure.

Functional and attractive, Koolgrip Comfort Covers are available in 3 resort colors Royal Blue, Indian Teal and Desert Tan. Our 5 standard lengths are 24, 48 inch designed to be used on 1.625 to 1.90 diameter handrail and ladder. Our 72, 96 & 120 inch comfort covers are designed to be used with 1.90 diameter handrails. These sizes fit 98% of all common commercial and residential handrails and ladders.

To get the correct fit and size of Koolgrip Comfort Covers you need to know the sizes of all the rails and ladders that your pool and spa may have.

See examples of some common handrails on the SHOP page.

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