Before installing KoolGrips, wet the covers in the pool water and wet the rails, this will allow the material to expand, allowing you to smooth the wrinkles out of the cover as you zip them up for a nice smooth finish.  A extra large #10 Zipper has been used on our product to help with the zipping up of the cover.  Its a TIGHT fit and has to be to produce a semi-non slip surface.

Care and UPF Treatment

Recommended Cleaning :  Every 4-6 weeks or in hotter weather or heavy use sooner.  Clean soiled covers with a mild soap like DAWN ( NOT DETERGENTS).  Remove covers If you wish from rails ( NOT REQUIRED ) WASH BY HAND (NOT MACHINE WASHABLE) wash in a warm water solution, scrubbing soiled areas.  Rinse in cold clean water and remove excess water by hand.  Hang covers up to drip or air dry ( COVERS ARE NOT DRYER SAFE).  Allow to dry completely.  Do not apply Harsh Solvent type cleaners or additives like Scotch Guard products to the covers.  Wet covers again to install or re-install covers on rails.  Disclaimer: Pool chemicals, detergents, chlorine products, suntan lotions, natural body oils and Ultraviolet light may fade, soil and degrade materials or create stains that are not removable.